Turbo Rocket Games

Our Slogan:

  • We are ambassadors of the animal kingdom in the digital world.

What We Do:

  • We bring the animal kingdom to people by creating the best games about animals.
  • We contribute to the society by helping animals around the world as well as our environment.

How We Do It:

  • We do our best to get the best people to the team.
  • Full and true freedom of time and place of work.
  • Small international teams in which everyone makes significant contribution.
  • Minimum bureaucracy, maximum efficiency.
  • Meaningful work, meaningful relationships.
  • Using technologies to accelerate our progression.

Our Values:

  • Meaningfulness. We seek to find meaning in what we do and how we do it.
  • Freedom. We seek to minimize limiting factors for our team members.
  • Growth. We seek to live our lives to our full potential by getting better over time.
  • Open-mindedness. We are open to a wide variety of ideas and have a strong desire to learn something new.
  • Creativity. We value the ability to create something new by turning imaginative ideas into reality.
  • Empathy. We value the ability to recognize and understand the feelings of another person or animal.
  • Honesty. We seek to be truthful, sincere and free of deceit.

9 Nov

Middle/Senior 3D Environment Artist

9 Nov

Middle/Senior 3D Generalist

24 Jul

Senior Unity3D Developer

Super unity developed WANTED :)