WildCraft Update: Clans, Clan Den and more

WildCraft Update: Clans, Clan Den and more


Hello, Dear Friends! The new WildCraft update is already out!

We have been asked for a long time to improve the clans. And we decided to do so. Now there will be 6 levels of clans. The higher the level is, the more people can be in the clan. Up to 100 people!😺

Starting at level 3 your clan gains access to the clan den. This is a unique den. Access have only members of your clan. The clan den has 4 levels that open with increase of your clan’s level, at 3, 4, 5 and 6 levels respectively. You can enter a clan den just like your regular den but only online.

To increase the level of your clan you must get clan points. We will describe how to get them in our next post. But let’s say right away – it won’t happen without your collaboration!😺

P.S. We know that many expect a tiger in this update, but creation of a new animal and location takes a lot of time. So they will arrive in the next update which will be later this summer. These two updates are developed at the same time.

New features:

  • Clan levels. A clan versus bosses sessions: unite with a clan, defeat fearsome bosses, get clan points, and reach new levels of a clan.
  • Unlock a special den for clan members.
  • New transformations: rhino and parrot!
  • Legendary skins and action for hyena transformation.
  • WildClub: lion skins, new den items, new actions for wolf, fox, and lynx.